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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject Re: and finally - <shake/>...
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 15:26:32 GMT

From: "Julian gosnell" <>
> Has anyone thought about or come across  a predicate/piece-of-code that
> could do this :
> <shake outputjar="yyy" classpath="ccc">
>  <shakeroot name="com.mycom.MyServlet"?>
>  <shakeroot pattern="com.mycom.MyDynamicallyLoadedClass*"/>
> </shake>
> where shake figures out which classes all the shakeroots depend upon and
> copies  these and the shakeroots into the outputjar.
> This would drastically reduce the size of some of the jars that I ship.
> I could take 3rd party jars that I consume, break them open and do this
> by hand, but it would be nicer to be able to do it at deployment.
> If I am dynamically loading classes, then I would have to mention them
> as shakeroots before I shake !
Shake, rattle and roll ?

I have thought about it and I believe I can use the functionality from
<depend> to do it. I would be inclined to make it part of <jar>, though,
rather than a separate task. If it was a separate task, perhaps I might not
call it <shake> either :-)

Maybe you would like to submit some of your ideas to the Ant 2.0
requirements collection discussion on Ant-Dev?


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