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From "Robert Davies" <>
Subject help for buildfile
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2001 16:31:01 GMT

I am a new user and if anybody could give me some help/advice I would be
very gratefull.

I am trying to make build file(s) for a project. The structure of the
project is below:


I have a build.xml file in the root directory of the project, build_tools in
the toolboxes directory, I also have a seperate buildfile for each of the
toolboxes and a build_core.xml file which build the main part of the
project. build.xml calls the build_core.xml the calls the build_tools.xml
(this then calls the numberous buildfiles to compile the toolboxes). The
problem I am having is that when a new toolbox is created, a new buildfile
has to be written. What I am trying to do is have a global script for the
toolboxes that will compile all the toolboxes and any new ones (it will
recurse down the tree for any .java files, compile then to the appropriate
classes directory. This would be the same as 'javac -d .../classes *.java).
I have tried this but failed. Is this possible with ant? If not then does
anybody know a build tool that would solve this task?

Thanks for any help.


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