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From "Ludovic Sentier" <l...@Eturn.COM>
Subject EJBs for weblogic 5.1 and TOPLink
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2001 09:40:45 GMT

Does anybody already succeed with generating EJBs composed of session and
entity beans for weblogic 5.1 and TOPLink ?

I would like to create an EJB composed of 9 entity beans, and 1 session bean
all together defined in a single ejb-jar.xml. The classes of the
entity/session beans and in 10 different packages under a common directory.
For the generation of the final jar I also have a weblogic-ejb-jar.xml and 9

Is there any particular structure I should deploy to get this running,
because I've tried several combination of the ANT 1.3 "ejbjar" element
syntax, and never succeed to generate the jar file (something is always
missing) ?

Any kind of help would be appreciated, I would like to avoid inserting " a
command-like " task.


Ludovic Sentier

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