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From "Albert Regner" <>
Subject Re: Flattening copy task for EJBs?
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 18:37:43 GMT
I guess the "flatten" attribute of copy task is what you're looking for.
Try something like this:
<copy todir="${deploydir}/tmp" flatten="yes">
  <fileset dir ="${builddir}/">
    <include name = "**/*.jar" />


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From: "Will Hartung" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2001 7:19 PM
Subject: Flattening copy task for EJBs?

> After a stuttering start, I'm using the 1.3beta2 ejbtask, which seems work
> wonderfully. This is MUCH faster than using Visual Cafe. In VC we had all
> the beans dumped into one jar, which meant that every minor change meant
> rebuilding the entire thing. This took FOR EVER. Now, we have them in a
> bean-per-jar. This is MUCH faster. I like the turn around for a one line
> change going to 15 seconds from 7.5 minutes.
> Anyway, the ejbtask dump the jar into a
> tree.
> I'd like to dump all of the EJBs into a single directory.
> Now, I could easily just copy the beans, but I was wondering if there was
> some kind of flattening copy task where I can find all of the jars in a
> and copy them to a single directory.
> Minor thing, not a show stopper, just curious.
> Thanx for all the hard work folks, it's appreicated.
> Best Regards,
> Will Hartung
> (

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