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From (Will Hartung)
Subject Flattening copy task for EJBs?
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 18:19:12 GMT
After a stuttering start, I'm using the 1.3beta2 ejbtask, which seems work
wonderfully. This is MUCH faster than using Visual Cafe. In VC we had all of
the beans dumped into one jar, which meant that every minor change meant
rebuilding the entire thing. This took FOR EVER. Now, we have them in a
bean-per-jar. This is MUCH faster. I like the turn around for a one line
change going to 15 seconds from 7.5 minutes.

Anyway, the ejbtask dump the jar into a /the/long/arduos/vebose/package/path

I'd like to dump all of the EJBs into a single directory.

Now, I could easily just copy the beans, but I was wondering if there was
some kind of flattening copy task where I can find all of the jars in a tree
and copy them to a single directory.

Minor thing, not a show stopper, just curious.

Thanx for all the hard work folks, it's appreicated.

Best Regards,

Will Hartung

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