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From "Rintcius" <>
Subject Re: Bug in running java with fork option on W95/98 when there is more than 1 classpath entry?
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2001 18:03:34 GMT
>Could you please try 
>java -version 
>as well as 
>E:\java\lib\jakarta-ant-1.3\bin\antRun.bat E:\my\rabook\jbuilder\com\rintcius\antlr\260
java -version
Checked them & they are equal (1.2.2)

I think i've found the problem, imo it is in the way antRun.bat eats its parameters. I've
added an echo xx %1 to the PARAM loop.
This results in the following output:

     [java] Forking java -classpath E:\my\java\tmp\antlr_test;E:\java\lib\antlr-2.6.0 antlr.Tool
Execute:CommandLauncher: E:\java\lib\jakarta-ant-1.3\bin\antRun.bat E:\my\rabook\jbuilder\com\rintcius\antlr\260
java -classpath E:\my\java\tmp\antlr_test;E:\java\lib\antlr-2.6.0 antlr.Tool csv.g
     [java] De opdracht of bestandsnaam is onjuist.
     [java] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: E:\java\lib\antlr-2/6/0
     [java] xx -classpath
     [java] xx E:\my\java\tmp\antlr_test
     [java] xx E:\java\lib\antlr-2.6.0
     [java] xx antlr.Tool
     [java] xx csv.g

So probably W9x shifts when it encounters a space AND when it encounters a semicolon.

In the meantime i've upgraded to java 1.3 & as a result (since antRun is not called anymore)
the problem is worked around.
I'm still curious though how this bug can be fixed.


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