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From "Craig Arfman" <>
Subject Newbie question - is ant feasible for building JDK 1.1.6 applications?
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2001 00:53:16 GMT

I am trying to use ant for building a java application that for the time
being is restricted to JDK 1.1.6

What I would like to know is between ant, jaxp, crimson, etc, do I need to
run ant under jdk 1.2.2 or higher or can I run ant using a 1.1.6 jvm.

The problem I'm facing is that I need to load the 400+ class files which
comprise the application into a legacy app server that requires 1.1.6. If I
run ant using JVM 1.2.2 it could be difficult to configure ant to use a
1.1.6 java compiler at the same time.

I would really like to use ant for doing the build so any suggestions would
be greatly appreciated.


Craig Arfman

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