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From Klaus Alfert <>
Subject Re: buffi helps you to lauch ant or make from emacs
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2001 06:55:50 GMT
Hi Raphael,

>>>>> "R" == Raphael PIERQUIN <> writes:

R> I happen to work on multiple projects, and some of them build with
R> ant, while some other build with Makefile. I use this dot el (see
R> attachement), so that emacs is able to know wether it should lauch
R> make or ant when I run the compile command.  (basicaly, it recursively
R> looks for a Makefile or a build.xml file in the parent directories of
R> the file you're editing).

I like it really: it's small, it works and does its job
perfectly. Cool!  

You should think about sending it to ant-dev for incorporating buffi into
ant itself or making a link to it on the web-page/faq/docs.

Klaus Alfert                
Software Technology                   +49+231+755-4812
CS Department, University Dortmund

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