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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Logging to a file
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2001 15:45:33 GMT
Phillip Wells <> wrote:

> 2. I can't use the XmlLogger because although you can specify the
> logfile using a property task in your buildfile, I just want
> System.out, not an XML file.  

> 3. I can't write a listener to do this myself because the listener
> doesn't have access to the 'out' and 'err' attributes of
> which is where the logging output streams
> are held.

If you really want to access out and err, XmlLogger wouldn't be the
right thing to use anyway - it simply ignores whatever is send
there. It doesn't even get a chance to handle that.

If - on the other hand - XmlLogger would be fine but the XML is too
much for you, it should be quite simple to write a Listener that
writes all events to a file whose name has been generated from
properties, just like XmlLogger does.

> In a nutshell: I want to be able to specify a file to log to in the
> buildfile and have System.out and System.err automatically
> redirected there.

And whose name has been generated from some properties. Without this
additional constraint, -logfile would be the solution. With this
constraint the answer is you can't. The main problem is that some
events will be generated before any properties have been set.


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