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From Dan Christopherson <>
Subject Re: Typical Usage Question
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2001 22:32:19 GMT
On 23 Feb 2001, Spencer A Marks wrote:

> What's better:
> -Call ant from a script that sets up the environment for ant (e.g. the
> classpath, other environment variable)
> -Call Ant directly and let build.xml be responsible for setting
>  everything up correctly. (e.g. the classpath)
I like having ant set up the classpath, mostly because I can use ant's
fileset feature to include all jars in a directory in one fell swoop.

> How do people manage to keep build.xml (and any other wrapper files,
> if that is the recommended way to go) under source code control and
> still have site specific configurations available. 
Someone else mentioned property files. I leave these out of source code
control and leave it up to each developer to set them up the way they
want. It sounds like you're doing something a bit different, though. You
could have machine specific property files in CVS, then leave a symlink on
each machine, so that the <property file="" /> statement in your build.xml
pick up the right one. Just a thought.

Dan Christopherson (danch) 
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