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From Fernando Padilla <>
Subject Re: exec zip/tar command doesn't work
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 21:52:56 GMT

I guess I need to remind you that the output tag redirects the output of
the command to that file:

the tasks you have there essentially do this:

tar -c -v -f files... > x.tar
cd d:/
zip -r files... >

darn, you're not a unix person.

the ">" notation above says, run the preceding command, then print out
anything that you would normally see on the screen into the postceding

so.. essentialy what you need to do is

tar -c -v -f x.tar files....
zip -r files....

which breaks down to:

> 	<execon executable="tar">
> 	  <arg line="-c -v -f x.tar"/>
> 	  <fileset dir="d:/buildx"/>
> 	</execon>
> 	<execon dir="d:/" executable="zip">
> 	  <arg value="-r"/>
> 	  <fileset dir="d:/buildx"/>
> 	</execon>

hope this helps.


On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Amy Zhang wrote:

> The exec zip/tar command doesn't work for me.
> (<zip>/<tar> tags do work, but I need to call some command line arguments)
> In this test case, the build file is under d:/, and I  am tring to zip/tar
> the buildx directory.
> 	<execon executable="tar" output="x.tar">
> 	  <arg line="-c -v -f"/>
> 	  <fileset dir="d:/buildx"/>
> 	</execon>
> 	<execon dir="d:/" executable="zip" output="">
> 	  <arg value="-r"/>
> 	  <fileset dir="d:/buildx"/>
> 	</execon>
> any ideas? thanks!

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