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From Willie Wheeler <>
Subject Specifying <style> task dest filenames
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2001 17:12:23 GMT
Hi all,

	I want to use XSLT to get multiple views of the same content, but
don't want the destination files to have to be in separate directories.  
I have a list of faculty of an academic department in an XSL file, and I
want to use it as the source for a master list called all_faculty.html, as
well as a Cognitive Program faculty list called cognitive_faculty.html.  
And I want them in the same directory.
	Can I do this?  The only ways I can discern are hacks, such as
making using two style tasks with different extensions (e.g.,
'_master.html' and '_cognitive.html'), or alternating style and rename


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