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From "John Gerken" <>
Subject zips created on Win2K have incorrect permissions when unzipped on Linux
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2001 23:26:27 GMT
Hi all,

I'm seeing some odd behavior regarding the ant 1.2 zip directive and I was
hoping someone could give me a hand.

If I create a zip file while building with Ant 1.2 on my Win2K machine and
then ftp that zip to a Linux box and unzip it, the permissions of the
resulting directories are 644 - which means of course that the user can't
change to that directory without changing the directory permissions first.
If I create a zip file on my Win2K machine using something like winzip, or
info-zip and then ftp that zip file over and unzip it, then the permissions
come out 755 like I'd expect them to.

This is obviously just an annoyance, in that "chmod -R a+x dirname" fixes
the problem, but I'd rather not make my customers do that and I'd rather
not have to manually repackage my 6 zip files after each build either.  Any
idea what might be causing this, or what I can change in my Ant XML to
alleviate this behavior?

John Gerken
Web Services Toolkit Development
IBM Emerging Technologies

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