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Subject Components
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2001 13:39:06 GMT
Hi again!

I have been using ant for a while now and think it's a wonderful tool. But,
in my last posting I was asking if ant supports some kind of passable
structure when it comes to defining jars, wars and ears. This question
builds on the fact that that I strive for generality. I interpret the
absence of anwsers as this is not possible (which are my conclusions too)

It could also be due the my view of building components. This is in short
how I see it:

A jar could contain one to many beans. One jar don't have to be
order,orderline it could also be order,orderline and article. It could also
be order and orderline i different jars, correct?).

A ear could contain one or several jars.

As a result I have to create one build file or target for every component.
You could imagine how many this would be in a large-scale system. The
solution to the problem, as I see it, is to make possible to somewhere
define components. Why not in a property file and with something looking as

Or is there something wrong with my picture here???

Thanks in advance!


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