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Subject Re: Problems with ZIP file: can't unzip Xalan distro created with Ant 1.2
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 18:50:56 GMT
OK, I'm cross-posting cause this question has been bugging me for a while,
and I think the answer is within Ant.

ant-user denizens: any clues? (please cc: me directly as I'm not currently
on ant-user; I'll summarize for xalan-dev as needed).
We occasionally get users complaining that they can't unzip the Xalan
distributions that we create with our Ant 1.2 build.xml script.  Our distro
is built pretty simply..

    <zip zipfile="${build.dir}/${dist.file}.zip" basedir="${build.dir}"

..but users of a few particular zip programs can't unzip the files produced
by this - they either get an error, or a directory tree full of 0-byte
files.  Known unzip programs with problems include a certain version of
WinZip 6.0x something, and the user of VisualZip32 below.  Is there some
difference between how Ant creates zip files and any of the .zip file
standards?  Or is this just a case of a couple popular zip programs not
properly implementing something?

Patrick: I can unzip the file just fine with either PKUNZIP 2.04g, PKZIP
for Windows 2.60, and a version of McAfee Zip Manager, on both WinNT 4.0
and Win98, so I'm presuming that there's some wierd incompatibility with
your particular zip program.

- Shane, Xalanite

---- you "Patrick Berry" <> wrote ----
> I have downloaded the file from you site and attempted
to extract the files using VisualZip32. But Each time I encounter the
following error, 'Zip file structure invalid'. Is there a problem with this
Zip file?

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