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Subject Re: Problems with ZIP file: can't unzip Xalan distro created with Ant 1.2 -versions
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2001 18:22:04 GMT
Sorry, my bad.  Specific versions of software for the below problem are:
Xalan .zip distros were created with:
  Ant version 1.2rc2 compiled on October 19 2000
  WinNT 4.0 SP5/SP6 systems
  java version "1.2.2" Classic VM (build JDK-1.2.2-W, native threads,

Zip programs that do not work (i.e. can't unzip the Xalan distro):
  WinZip 6.02 (I think, or another 6.0 variant)
  *Patrick* - can you provide the specific VisualZip32 version you're

Zip programs that work (that I've used):
  PKUNZIP 2.04g
  PKZIP for Windows 2.60,
  McAfee Zip Manager 1.03
  WinZip 7.x and 8.x

Re: known JDK jar bugs(below) - thanks.  Will the same bug apply to the
<zip...> task in Ant or not? (I know, look at the source, just figured
someone could answer it more quickly).
If this is a generic bug with zips/jars in SunJDK's, I'm kind of surprised
the issue hasn't come up more frequently.
---- <> ----
> Have a look at:


Original problem and response:
> > ant-user denizens: any clues? (please cc: me directly as I'm not
> > on ant-user; I'll summarize for xalan-dev as needed).
> > We occasionally get users complaining that they can't unzip the Xalan
> > distributions that we create with our Ant 1.2 build.xml script.  Our
> distro
> > is built pretty simply..
> >
> >   /xml-xalan/java/build.xml
> >     <zip zipfile="${build.dir}/${dist.file}.zip" basedir="${build.dir}"
> > includes="${dist.file}/**"/>
> >
> > ..but users of a few particular zip programs can't unzip the files
> produced
> > by this - they either get an error, or a directory tree full of 0-byte
> > files.  Known unzip programs with problems include a certain version of
> > WinZip 6.0x something, and the user of VisualZip32 below.
> "Nico Seessle" <>
> Can you tell us the *exact* version of Ant and the zip programs used to
> unzip the zip files so we can try to reproduce this?

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