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From ""<>
Subject [beginner] how to build a jar file with ant?
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 17:23:39 GMT
Hi all,
I'm trying to build a jar file but it seems that
ant ignores my request!

This is my directory structure
[bean]	        [classes]
sources  	compiled classes

I'd like to jar all files under the "classes" dir

-This is my very little build.xml file-

<project name="myproject" default="compile" basedir=".">

<target name="dist" >

  <target name="compile" >
    <javac srcdir="bean" destdir="classes"
     debug="on" optimize="off" deprecation="off"/>

<jar jarfile="app.jar" basedir="classes" />

Why the jar file doesn't get built?
Thank you very much in advance

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