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From "Michaël Smith" <>
Subject Re: Possible bug with failonerror attribute of exec task - SOLVED
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2001 09:40:55 GMT
Removing all statements after the command solved the problem.  I don't 
believe there is a bug with cmd.exe, I think it's just the design of the 
ERRORLEVEL variable in batch files.

Thank you very much for your insight on this, I was totally stuck and I 
truly appreciate your help!


>So, I'm unable to reproduce any kind of a bug.  As you can see, Ant gets
>the result of the batch file errorlevel.  In my case, I don't have any
>other commands after the command causing the error.
>Then I added: echo ERRORLEVEL=%ERRORLEVEL% to the end of the batch file
>and the build stopped failing.  The real bug it appears is in your batch
>file.  Don't have any other commands after the command that could cause
>the error you're interested in.  Even a REM or ECHO command will change
>the exit status!!!  Note that I said "exit status" and not errorlevel.  It
>appears the exit status of a program is copied to errorlevel.  However,
>when the batch file exits it uses the exit status NOT errorlevel.  Looks
>like a bug in cmd.exe to me.

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