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From "Liu, Kenneth Albert (Kenneth)** CTR **" <>
Subject OT: what low-cost J2EE app server do you use/recommend?
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 22:27:24 GMT
Hi all -

This is off-topic from Ant, so please ignore.

My development team is looking to select a J2EE compliant app server -
however, due to our business model (looking for reseller/OEM arrangement) we
feel the popular high end servers (WebLogic, WebSphere, iPlanet) will be
cost-prohibitive for us.  So we are looking for something with a lower cost
- preferably <$10k/CPU.  Currently we are using JRun Enterprise but we are
having problems with it, so we are shopping again.  So far we have been
recommended ServletExec and and Inprise.  Anyone here have any specific

I was thinking that the Ant community probably represents a pretty good
slice of the Java development community so I would ask you all.  If there
are other mailing lists where this question would be more relevant, please

Please email me off-list, as this is off-topic.


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