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From "Morrison, John" <>
Subject JNTSVC - HELP!
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2001 08:21:02 GMT
Hi all,

I've been tasked with moving a project (developed by an external contractor)
in house.  While I've been successful in getting the build to compile the
code, create the webapp, docs etc I've run into a problem and I wonder if
anybody can help.

Part of the build includes M$ (sorry, not my choice!) libraries and gets
'compiled' into an NT service.  The app to do this is jntsvc.exe.
Unfortunately all my attempts at getting ANT to execute this have failed.
Has anybody out there succeeded?

_Any_ hints would be much appreciated.

John Morrison.

PS I _don't_ have the M$ VisualJ installed - just the SDK.  If it is
possible I only want the jntsvc exe!

PPS I'm using ANT 1.2 on Win NT 4 sp 6a

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