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From "Sylvain Rey" <>
Subject RE: dependency check + partial rebuild vs rebuild all
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 14:51:29 GMT
> From: Spencer A Marks []
> Using jikes on at least a medium size projects (100s of .java)
> I've found it faster to
> recompile everything than it is to have make do a dependency check and
> then partial compile.

> I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this to be case either with
> make or ant?

If you use jikes as a compiler, using ant or not, you'll more than probably
have the same behaviour :)
Now, if you use javac as a compiler and use the optional "depend" task of
ant to do the dependencies check, it is very likely that you will get the
same thing too.

I don't know if in ant1.3, the depend task will still display the time it
takes to perform the check, but it was indeed a real good idea to determine,
depending of the size of your project, if a complete rebuild wasn't better.
Maybe this could remain in verbose or higher mode ?


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