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Subject RE: Property Setting
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2001 14:48:05 GMT
Ok... I'll try again:

ant -Dbleh="this and that="this and that" spotless


Target 'and' does not exist in this project.

Total time: 0 seconds

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From: []
Sent: Monday, February 26, 2001 8:44 AM
Subject: RE: Property Setting

I just tried the following:

ant -Dinpath=%Mypath% -Dinput="this and that" Framework

inpath is a path i need for my compilation
Framework is some target in my build.xml

works just fine for me
-- Arvid

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Sent: Monday, February 26, 2001 15:29
Subject: Property Setting

In trying to set a property, I've run into a wall.  From within a buildfile
I can do the following:

<property name="thing" value="sdasd asdasd asdasd" />

Done outside the buildfile, from the command line, I try:

ant -Dthing="sdasd asdasd asdasd" target

and it tries to find the target 'asdasd'.

Is there a way to set a property that has a space in it's contents from
outside ant?

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