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From "Richard Hensh" <>
Subject consistent directory structure
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2001 03:27:37 GMT
Perhaps this question belongs in another newsgroup but I pose it here since
it might be of some interest.

I've downloaded several of the packages from the Jakarta Project (and and have been dismayed to discover the absence of a
consistent directory structure. For example, ECS stores some jar files in
the top level directory and some are in the "lib" directory. The ORO project
doesn't even have a "lib" directory. Xalan places all of their jar files in
the "bin" directory.

On a related issue, a routine search for ant*.jar indicated that I have 6
copies of various versions of this file (one each for fop, ant, ecs, oro,
xalan, and xerces). Since I have installed ant, is this really necessary? It
seems like it could pose a problem?

Is there any effort under way to standardize the directory structure? Are
there distributions (of any of these) that avoid the overlap.


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