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From "Garcia, Gilles" <>
Subject RE: rebuild when compiler changes ? (was:How to specify the locat ion of the compiler ?)
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2001 18:21:32 GMT
The retainer" mechanism are the time stamps applied by the OS's
file system. The compiler path has a time stamp (e.g., when it was
dowloaded and installed), and any classs on the file system has
a creation date.

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From: Diane Holt
Sent: 2/13/01 1:18 PM
Subject: Re: rebuild when compiler changes ? (was:How to specify the
location  of the compiler ?)

--- "Garcia, Gilles" <> wrote: 
> Would Ant rebuild when the compiler location is younger than the
> class it is attempting to build?
> More generally, if I rely for my build on the location of <umpteen>
> third party jars and classes, how could I create <umpteen> automatic
> dependency rebuild actions without having to specify them for every
> rule where is matters ?

As far as I know, the <javac> task only relies on the timestamps of the
source-files vs. the classfiles to decide whether/what to recompile. To
have recompilation determined by things like a different/newer compiler,
3rd-party stuff, etc., you'd need to have some mechanism that retained
that kind of information from build to build, which could then be
before the compile targets are run. It could get a bit complicated, and
possibly slow, though.



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