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From "Gary Lawson" <>
Subject Deleting directories
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2001 14:49:38 GMT
Firstly, apologies for what (I hope) is a simple question.

I am simply trying to delete the contents (files and sub-directories) of a
number of directories.
ant appears to be ignoring the contents of my target.

The code is as follows:

<target name="clearup">
	<delete verbose="true">
		<!-- delete everything from /variable1/dir1 -->
		<fileset dir="${variable1}/dir1/">
			<include name="**" />
		<!-- delete everything from /variable2 -->
		<fileset dir="${variable2}/">
			<include name="**" />
		<!-- delete directory /variable1/dir2/variable3 -->
		<fileset dir="${variable1}/dir2/">
			<include name="${variable3}" />

The variables are all defined and work in other targets.

Other things I've tried (without success):
defaultexcludes="no" - deprecated
comma separated list instead of filesets
One "delete" for every dir
	<delete dir="${variable1}/dir1/">
	<delete dir="${variable2}/">
	<delete dir="${variable1}/dir2/${variable3}"

I don't believe it's file permissions as I'm running ant as root and root
owns the directories and files in question.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I'm going daft!



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