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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject RE: Problems Building Ant
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 10:17:16 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Paul Hodgetts []
> * The first is when it's trying to build the JUnit optional
> package.  The class AggregateTransformer is referencing the
> class javax.xml.transform.Transformer.  This doesn't seem to
> be in JAXP release 1.0.1.  I found it in the EA release of
> JAXP 1.1, in the crimson.jar, and in the Xalan release.  I'm
> assuming this just needs the XSLT stuff, so the only real
> issue then is to update the docs to mention this.  This seems
> to be new in the latest sources, since I've built without
> Xalan before.

Yes indeed, it needs javax.xml.transform which is part of JAXP 1.1
Sorry about this. I will change it to reference directly something else more
widespreaded (Xalan 1 ?)
I need to set explicitely the system ids and the current XSLTLiaison
wrappers do not allows such things, since they assume we are dealing with
file URI. So I choose JAXP 1.1 which should be released soon, but this is
too new and will certainly cause problems. Dealing with libraries version
starts to be a real pain these days because of different things. 

> * Once I fix the above error, I get down to almost the end of
> the build, and it's trying to copy files from src/bin in the
> main target.  I don't see any src/bin in the archives.  Am I
> missing something?  Is the build.xml wrong?  If I just add a
> src/bin directory, then it gets past this, but...

mm.. there is a src/bin which contains antRun and so on. Where did you get
the source from ?

> * The next error is when it tries to copy junit.jar from the
> build/ant/lib/optional .  I assume this is missing because
> the newly created src/bin directory is empty, although it
> seems these files exist in the lib directory, so shouldn't
> they be copied from there???

mm.. this is not very clear to me.

> I know I'm reporting problems without offering patches, but
> I haven't had a chance to dig into things yet, and I'm still
> a bit confused with all the recent build changes so I don't
> feel up to speed on anything at this point.

An another pair of eyes is unvaluable.

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