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From "Ventimiglia, David" <>
Subject RE: build.xml and .inc file organization/structure
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2001 21:28:48 GMT
Just make the 'includes' attribute in the <javac> task in the following


Then you can compile portions of the build tree like this:

ant -Dfilter=com/foo/bar/ejbs


(I happen to think the includes/excludes mechanism works quite well, though
full regexp support might be nice)

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From: Diane Holt []
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001 1:16 PM
Subject: RE: build.xml and .inc file organization/structure

--- "Ventimiglia, David" <> wrote:
> I disagree that one file is not sufficient for a large project with many
> people. Owing partly to Ant's ability to scan multiple directories

The problem (for me) is that the scanning takes too long. When you're
doing development, and you just want to recompile what you've changed in
the directory you're working in, you don't want to have to wait for the
entire tree to be scanned -- you just want to recompile the file(s) you're
working on, and fast. Granted, if you've made a change you know will
require other files be recompiled, you'll want to do a higher level build,
and you'll expect that to take longer -- but when you're just dealing with
the files in the directory you're working in, you want the recompiles to
be as fast as they can be. That's why I've had to go from first, trying a
single top-level build-file, then next to just having build-files at
"major subdirs" (that then dealt with all the files under them), to
finally reintroducing individual build-files in all the subdirs. It's
still not really done the way it should be, since I haven't implemented
any kind of "include", so the individual-subdir build-files only act on
the files in that particular subdir, even if there are subdirs beneath
them that should get pulled in -- without a good include mechanism, trying
to get that to happen would've just been too much replication (which,
unfortunately, there's already too much of with the way things currently
are). The lack of a good include mechanism is one of Ant's biggest holes,
as far as I'm concerned (the other being the whole
should-we-allow-for-procedural-functions issue -- but that's another



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