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From Frank Chang <>
Subject RE: ejbjar in 1.3b2 and newCMP
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2001 18:05:25 GMT

My ant classpath is:

ant.jar,optinal.jar,tools.jar,bsf.jar,xalan.jar,xerces.jar and junit.jar (in
this order).

However, I have set fork='yes' in the ejbjar task. Here is the
Ant -v output:

     [ejbc] Forking java -classpath P:\Projects\wfs\ext\jars\jconn2.ja
ogic_sp.jar;P:\Projects\wfs\pkg\classes\idgenerator weblogic.ejbc -com
piler jikes -noexit P:\Projects\wfs\pkg\libs\idgenerator\IdGen2-generi
c.jar P:\Projects\wfs\pkg\libs\idgenerator\IdGen2_wl.jar

If I take this and invoke it in my command line, it'll work. But not
inside ant. And this is not working for CMP entity bean only.

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From: Shamberger, Michael []
Sent: February 16, 2001 12:49 PM
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Subject: RE: ejbjar in 1.3b2 and newCMP


What is the order of your classpath?  I think I was seeing a problem similar
to this before I changed the classpath order.  The first entries in my
classpath are now ant.jar, parser.jar, jaxp.jar, optional.jar.  


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