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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: only java development
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2001 04:09:29 GMT
> I just heard about ant and have been browsing the ant-user and it seems like alot of development
is java.

That is true.
Ant's main focus is on building/deploying java based projects

> As I understand ant it is a replacement for make systems.

To a certain extent.
Ant is not simply "a better make".
There are things Ant does that a hard to do in make, and vice-versa.
The development team is not keen on Ant becomimg "make in java/xml", and there are parts of
make that will probably never be copied in Ant.

Ant is not a general replacement for make, it is an alternative way of building projects,
particularly those that are java based.

> So ant should handle c,c++ development. 
> Is that correct? 

Handle? sure.
Will it be better than make? Probably not (IMHO).
It depends on the size/structure of your C++ project.

> Does anyone have an opinion or experience using ant to build c++
> projects on NT and UNIX instead of with a traditional make system.

No experience, but my opinion is 
 a) Why do you want to?
    make grew up as a C development tool, so it is designed to do C/C++ quite well.
    What benefit do you anticipate from switching to ant?
 b) I would personally use Jam/MR if I were running a purely C/C++ project, and had free choice
on the tool.
    If the project is combined Java/C/C++/?? then I would have to sit down and look at the
options carefully.

Ant can handle C++ (although I'm not aware of any tasks that do so), but it has always been
targetted as
 a tool for building java/web apps, so it may or may not fit your needs.

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