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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: Can someone tell me what is so great about Ant?
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 01:36:33 GMT
> I think depending on a build-engineer for building a project
> is very bad. Every developer on the project should be able
> to change the build file, this will eliminate a lot of work 
> for the so called build engineer, and really, we don't need
> a build engineer if we are using Ant.

I guess we disagree here.
As much as people *say* they don't need build engineers, I've
 never seen a project that coped without one.
You need a process that takes source and creates known, reliable products.
The process must be repeatable, reliable, configurable and maintainable.
I've never seen that work without a build engineer.
Your milage may vary.

> You will have to definitely agree on this, after you read that article.

I agree that it's faster for them, and with good reason.
I don't agree that it is always faster.

> That turns 100 lines in 10 separate nested Makefiles into three 
> lines in one file.

That's a product of inadequate make processes.
Either an old version of make with limited features, or an old build engineer
 with limited vision :)

Using GNUmake, I do a very similar wildcard matching process to Ant.
I never list my source files in make, I just say give a source directory,
 and a mapping of extensions to tools.

>  Passing a huge group of files to javac at once makes compilation 
> much faster.

That is a valid point, but applies only when doing large recompiles.
I'm willing to let the full compile take a long time if the incremental
 change is fast.
I find that if I change one or two files and then rebuild, make is faster.

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