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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: build.xml and .inc file organization/structure
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2001 23:28:11 GMT

> I read the "recursive make considered harmful" 2-3 years ago 
> when it first came out.  Aside from the philosophical points 
> it makes I really don't see much in terms of applicability to 
> the ant/javac world.*  And all of the performance jabs it 
> takes at make needing to double compile, and how slow it is 
> when reading in multiple .inc files, really are not 
> applicable at all to us.

Well that's not entirely true.
Ant has the ability to be recursive, and AntCall is a bit ugly too.
It is possible to write a paper on "Recursive Ant considered harmful".

But, it's not the same as using multiple file fragments in a single project, 
 and the Ant structure actually makes it easier (that make) to include
 multiple components in one build file, but without good "include" mechanisms,
 it's a PITA.

> I do know that the XML tools for including other files into 
> .dtd/.xsd or even into .xml files all SUCK a lot and 
> wondering what people use now.

XML Entities (ugh) and property files.
Property files are the big win. Everything in my generic ant-engine is configurable
 with properties, and you can set them in a property file.
Most people never need to touch XML to setup their build.

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