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From Cathal Mc Ginley <>
Subject Re: classes not going where expected
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 03:52:31 GMT
If I get you correctly, you have a directory structure with all your
java files and classes in, say, /home/dale/com/foobar and I'm going to
guess your build.xml is also in /home/dale/com/foobar with ${basedir}
set to ".", and javac srcdir and destdir also set to "."

Right, if this is the case then all you need to do is move your project
basedir as follows:
<project basedir="/home/dale" ....
then set the javac sredir and destdir to ${basedir}
The javac task will search recursively through the directories below the
srcdir to find java files, and when it does it'll compile them into a
directory structure reflecting the package structure, below the destdir.

Get it? Well, if not try the following build.xml, and see if it turns
out like you expected. Substitute /home/dale for the directory just
above your com/foobar directories

<project name="foobar" basedir="/home/dale" default="compile">

   <target name="compile">
      <javac srcdir="${basedir}" destdir="${basedir}" />


It might also help if you kept your build.xml in your equivalent of
/home/dale to keep a nice neat structure.

Hope this helps...

 - C.

"Dale G. Herrig" wrote:
> I have a package,  com.foobar.AntTest
> when I compile the java files in the
> directory of the same  name, I would
> expect the class files to appear there,
> since I have my 'srcdir="."' and
> "destdir="."' as shown in the below
> compile target,
> but instead a sub-directory is created
> com/foobar/AntTest
> and the class files stored there.
>    <!--#######[ compile target ]#######-->
>    <target name="compile" depends="prepare">
>        <javac srcdir  = "."
>               destdir = "."
>       />
>    </target>
> How can I get the class file to be compiled in
> the directory I am in, which is  classpath
> directory with it creating a sub-directory.

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