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From "Richard S. Hall" <>
Subject Re: Two issues
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 21:13:14 GMT
I didn't intend for this topic to turn into a drawn-out discussion.  My original
intuition of how things would work with Ant and properties was different than how
it actually worked.  Originally I had a file like this:

<project name="foo" default="all" basedir=".">
    <target name="all">
        <antcall target="a"/>
        <antcall target="b"/>
        <antcall target="c"/>
    <target name="a">
        <property name="" value="a"/>
        <echo message="My name is ${}"/>
    <target name="b">
        <property name="" value="b"/>
        <echo message="My name is ${}"/>
    <target name="c">
        <property name="" value="c"/>
        <echo message="My name is ${}"/>

And it worked exactly like I expected, it printed out something like this:

My name is a
My name is b
My name is c

But when I added a dependency on "c" to "b" I ended up with:

My name is a
My name is c
My name is c

That is not what I anticipated.  I understand how it works now and understand why
it works that way, although it is not exactly how I would like it to be.  Oh well,
I can live with it.


-> richard

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