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From "Richard S. Hall" <>
Subject Re: Two issues
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 16:58:43 GMT
Conor MacNeill wrote:

> The <property> tag will not change the value of a property once it is set.
> The motivation for this is to allow the build file user to override the
> build file writer. For example, It would be annoying to have to edit a
> build file to change the location of a build directory. In effect, this
> creates the following hierarchy
> command line -> parent build -> child build.

[stuff deleted]

> Whether you agree with this choice of hierarchy, it will not be changed in
> Ant 1.x for backward compatibility reasons.
> The fact that properties can be set in target scope, allows you to use
> targets to control what value a property actually takes whilst still
> allowing it to be overridden by the command line.

There seems to be some confusion here.  I said that I can accept and deal with
how Ant properties work -- I am not asking anyone to change them.  I only said
that properties didn't work the way that I expected and that the documentation
did not make it clear that a "dependent target" is considered a "parent" of the
"depending target" as result of this dependent target properties override
depending target properties.  This last fact is not captured in your
hierarchical picture above and was not intuitive to me, but apparently it is
for everyone else and that's okay.  That is why I said that I can deal with it.


-> richard

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