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From "Richard S. Hall" <>
Subject Re: Two issues
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2001 01:53:31 GMT
Tim Vernum wrote:

> There is no such thing as "local properties".
> Properties to not have scope.
> They are set when the <property> tag is met, and not changed again.

That is strange, because that is not the bahavior that I am seeing.  As I stated in
the original message, everything was working fine except for when I had a dependency
among components.

So, I set the property ${} in each component target and each one was
generated correctly with its corresponding name.  The only time it was not generated
correctly is when one component depended upon another, in that case the property was
set to the first one that it came to.

If there is no such thing as a local property, I wouldn't expect it to work at all.
IMO, it doesn't make sense to have properties specified in a target if they are not
scoped by the target...but I can live with that design decision, but it doesn't make
sense at all to me to have partially working local properties.

> You might look at using AntCall for what you are doing.

I am actually using this, but I wasn't using it to set the parameters...I will look
into it.

> > I did discover another issue.  If I specifically build just
> > the "c1" target and the "c2" target has not been created, then Ant
> > (actually javac I assume) automatically includes the Java
> > files from the
> > "c2" target that "c1" depends on because all of the classes are in the
> > same src tree.
> What fileset are you using?

I am just doing an "includes" when compiling.

> run ant with -verbose and -debug, to see what it's doing under the hood.

It says it is compiling the correct files, but javac (using its dependency
resolution) includes files that are not part of the "include" clause from above.

> In the property case, yes.

It still seems like there is something wrong with properties to me.

> In the javac case, most likely, but I can't tell without seeing your build file.

If I can't figure it out, then I will post my target.  It is actually pretty simple.


-> richard

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