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From Cameron Fieber <>
Subject dependency check on compile with JDK 1.3 and ANT 1.3beta2
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2001 22:49:25 GMT

I have a single build.xml that has several different targets that build 
some EJBs that our system uses.  All our code lives under a single 
source tree (com.signalsoftcorp.**) and the javac command under my 
different targets specifically names the classes I am attempting to 
compile (the Home, Remote, and Bean classes of each EJB in this case).

I run into a problem when one of these classes references a class that 
lives in a shared location in the source tree.  I don't want to go 
through and explicitly name every class in my includes for my compile, I 
don't want to build the entire source tree, but if I change one of the 
shared classes, the only way I can get a recompile of that class to 
happen is if I do my "clean" target and recompile everything.  I am not 
sure of a good solution for this, but if someone has a suggestion, it 
would be greatly appreciated.



Cameron Fieber <>
SignalSoft Canada

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