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From Cameron Fieber <>
Subject <ejbjar> task question
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2001 18:39:18 GMT

I have just started using Ant, and am trying to set up a build 
environment for our EJB development.  I have each EJB building as a 
separate target, but when I run the <ejbjar> task, I get a number of 
messages that "[ejbjar] Could not load class XXXX for super class check".

The reason this concerns me, is that all the class names mentioned are 
the Home, Remote, and Bean implementation classes for a bunch of the 
other entities.  None of the entities are referenced by the entity I am 
building, so I am wondering where that check is coming from.  I can get 
more or less messages by modifying the <classpath> element within the 
<ejbjar> task.

Here is my build file with just one of the targets I am using.  I have a 
directory for my resulting class files on the initial compile, which 
contains all the dependant classes for my EJB.  In the <ejbjar> task, I 
reference the directory I compile into, and include it's content as 
<support> for the EJB Jar.

I have my ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME set, but no CLASSPATH environment variable.



Cameron Fieber
Software Developer
SignalSoft Canada

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<project name="BFound" default="user" basedir=".">

   <property name="lib.dir" value="../lib" />
   <property name="j2ee.jar" value="${lib.dir}/j2ee.jar" />
   <property name="xerces.jar" value="${lib.dir}/xerces.jar" />
   <property name="src.dir" value="../src" />
   <property name="build.dir" value="../classes2" />
   <property name="descriptor.dir" value="../descriptors" />
   <property name="ejb-jar.dir" value="../ejb-jar" />
   <path id="cpath">       
       <pathelement path="${j2ee.jar}" />

   <target name="user">
       <mkdir dir="${build.dir}/user" />
       <javac srcdir="${src.dir}" destdir="${build.dir}/user">
               <path refid="cpath" />
name="com/signalsoftcorp/bfound/entity/user/" />
name="com/signalsoftcorp/bfound/entity/user/" />
name="com/signalsoftcorp/bfound/entity/user/" />
       <ejbjar descriptordir="${descriptor.dir}" 
srcdir="${build.dir}/user" destdir="${ejb-jar.dir}" basejarname="User">
               <pathelement path="${build.dir}/user" />
               <path refid="cpath" />
           <support dir="${build.dir}/user"/>

   <target name="clean">
           <fileset dir="${build.dir}">
               <include name="**/*.class" />

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