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From "Richard S. Hall" <>
Subject Re: Can someone tell me what is so great about Ant?
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2001 20:03:23 GMT
King Dale wrote:

> I run Ant and it builds correctly. But let's say I need to change the
> signature of Foo.test and I add a parameter, but I forget to make the change
> in Main. If I run Ant again it will tell me that it built successfully, but
> I have successfully built an inconsistent target. The code will not run
> since Main was not recompiled.

Granted, I haven't used MAKE in a hundred years, but as I recall you still had
to create dependency rules between files with it as well, it didn't just
automatically know what depended on what.  Perhaps you are suggesting that since
Ant is specifically for Java that it should have embedded knowledge to discover
dependencies among classes?

I have only been using Ant for about four days now, but I really like it.  A
more problematic issue for me, is an issue I am having where I have multiple
classes in a single file (they are not public classes), let's call the file  When I compile my project from scratch after editing a file not
related to and get an error, in some cases the compiler has generated a
.class file for the one public class in, but not the non-public ones.
When I edit the non-related file and re-build, Ant thinks is up-to-date
since it finds Foo.class and doesn't realize that there should be other
non-public classes as well.  The end result is that I get unresolved symbol
errors and need to "make clean" to get rid of the partially compiled results.  I
didn't think "javac" would do this...

Back to your issue...  :^)  From my perspective, Ant is a build tool.  If you
want magic, then perhaps you are looking in the wrong place.  Just MO.

-> richard

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