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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Benefits of Ant with other languages
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 01:03:10 GMT
At 01:50  21/2/01 -0800, Curtis White wrote:
>I am kind of curious about the benefits of Ant when
>using it with other languages. There were quite a few
>benefits explained in some messages on this list a
>while back. There is also that article at
>that explains the benefits of Ant. But none of these
>explained if those benefits apply to ALL uses of Ant
>or only to Java programs. So my question is, do those
>benefits still apply if you are compiling programs
>using other languages besides Java? For example, if I
>am using Ant to build Delphi or C++ programs, do those
>benefits still apply? Or is it better to use Make (or
>something else) for those other languages?
>What benefits would I gain by using Ant when compiling
>other languages?

Well .. it depends if you the effort into writing tasks ;) If you put them
into writing tasks and the directory structure is appropriate then you will
get similar benefits. Currently I use ant mainly for java, web (xml/html
manipulation) and geometry manipulation. I still use make for compiling
c/c++ stuff as I am too lazy to actually code a cc task ;)



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