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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Target not getting called
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 03:39:40 GMT
At 10:30  20/2/01 EST, Rajagopal.V wrote:
>I just started using Ant to create a build for my EJB . I have created
>for compile, makejar, ejbc and deploy. Deploy target will just copyt the java
>files to weblogic's clientclasses dir.
>What happens is i call ant with a target of all, which is like this
><target name="all" depends="prepare, compile, jarprep, deploy, ejbc, clean"
>When i place deploy after ejbc, in the target depends, deploy doesnt get
>called. Im not able to figure out why. Even with this case, clean target
>gets called.
>But if i place them before ejbc, they are called. ejbc target has a java tag
>which creates my jar file. Is thera ny restriction that the targets after
>tag will not be executed(!!!!).

A few points - the depends tag is not guarenteed to run in order so it will
be possible in future iterations that clean could run first rather than
last etc. Also it sounds like the ejbc target may launch something that
does a System.exit(). If this is the case launch the ejbc task in a new VM



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