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From Chris Winters <>
Subject Re: Typical Usage Question
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2001 13:54:23 GMT
* Tim Vernum ( [010225 18:12]:
> We do the opposite.
> We mandate how the environment has to look for our developers.
> We got sick of "but it worked on my machine"
> "Oh, I assumed that wizbang.jar would be available on the production machine"
> etc. etc.
> IMHO, In order to create a controlled, repeatable build/test process, you need
>  to enforce a strict adherence to a defined evironment.
> My build files are configurable with property files and more, but they are
>  intended to be configured on a per *project* basis, and not by each
>  individual developer.

I was too general in saying that we don't assume *anything*. My
comments were restricted to layout/meta issues (where do files go,
what are they named, where are libraries and other files used by the
project, etc.) rather than project content issues.

However, since we develop on and for both Linux and Win200, we can't
be as strict as a homogonous development/deployment environment might
be. But buildfiles *must* be the same for the project, no matter what
environment it's being built in.

I certainly agree that you need to standardize the libraries used in a
project. Otherwise you have nasty, nasty chaos :-)


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