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From Rajagopal.V <>
Subject Target not getting called
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2001 22:30:23 GMT
I just started using Ant to create a build for my EJB . I have created targets
for compile, makejar, ejbc and deploy. Deploy target will just copyt the java
files to weblogic's clientclasses dir.
What happens is i call ant with a target of all, which is like this
<target name="all" depends="prepare, compile, jarprep, deploy, ejbc, clean"

When i place deploy after ejbc, in the target depends, deploy doesnt get
called. Im not able to figure out why. Even with this case, clean target never
gets called.
But if i place them before ejbc, they are called. ejbc target has a java tag
which creates my jar file. Is thera ny restriction that the targets after java
tag will not be executed(!!!!).


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