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From "Duffey, Kevin" <>
Subject VSSGET problems..
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2001 20:41:34 GMT
Hi all,

I wrote a while back on this problem and still seem to be having it. I am
trying to use the <vssget> command, and the syntax is correct. However, when
I run the script, I see the output box (DOS window that pops up) show
VSSGET:  username:kduffey   and then it just hangs there. Nothing shows up.
It never returns. a list of files supposed to be displayed there
if it gets any new files? Second, I set the SSUSER environment variable,
restarted my machine, etc..and it still keeps asing me for the username. If
I go to CMD (win2K) and I type in ss at the prompt, it also asks me for the
login name. When I enter my valid login name and my password, it continues
to tell me user does not exist. So, my thought here is that for whatever
reason, its not hitting the right VSS database, which is located out on the
network. We have client VSS installed for each workstation. Any ideas on why
this may be a problem and how to circumvent it?


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