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From Richard Collingridge <>
Subject javac ignores classpath
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2001 11:30:48 GMT

I've been trying to get javac to use my classpath.
I knew I needed this classpath in a number of places so I set it up in a global 
<path id="pathid">.

I then referenced it in the <javac> task:

<javac src="thing" dest="otherthing">
	<classpath refid="pathid">

This is the way the documentation seemed to point me.
No complaints from ant but it silently ignores the classpath setting.
I wonder if this is because its really a <path>?

Finally I established that I had to define a <classpath> rather than a <path>

and this can only be done within the javac task.
So this works:

<javac src="thing" dest="otherthing">
	<classpath id="pathid">
		<pathelement ....>

It would also be nice if it warned about classpath locations which it can't 
find (due to a typo) rather than silently ignoring them.



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