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From "G.L. Grobe" <>
Subject creating empty jars ...
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2001 23:52:15 GMT
Recently I received a response of the following:

<jar jarfile="web(jars/images.jar" basedir="${images}" includes="*"/>

which I don't understand the parenthesis after web in jarfile, and as I've already tried the
includes as shown above, this still does not work for my problem explained below. 

Any help in creating this simple basic jarfile is much appreciated.
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  From: G.L. Grobe 
  Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2001 10:14 PM
  Subject: creating empty jars ...

  I get the following error below when trying to build an images.jar file within a 2.2 servlet
web applications directory structure. The images directory is full of gifs and I'm not using
any recursion, just all files within it the images dir. I'm sure the basedir is pointing in
the correct place. I've tried many different basedir and includes but still can't get it right.
The builder.jar works fine.

        [jar] Building jar: /u/build/web/jars/builder.jar
        [jar] Note: creating empty jar archive /u/build/web/jars/images.jar
        [jar] Building jar: /u/build/web/jars/images.jar


  my directory structure looks like this.

   |     + classes
         + images
         + jars

  --------- SNIP -------------------------------------------------
     <property name="nq" value="com/neuroquest" />
     <property name="images" value="web/images" />
  --------- SNIP -------------------------------------------------

   <target name="dist" depends="compile">
        <copy file="./conf/web.xml" tofile="${web-inf}/web.xml" />

        <jar jarfile="web/jars/builder.jar" basedir="WEB-INF/classes"

        <jar jarfile="web/jars/images.jar" basedir="${images}"

  --------- SNIP -------------------------------------------------

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