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From (Will Hartung)
Subject EJB questions
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2001 22:30:17 GMT
Hi all,

I saw in the archives that we should wait for the 1.3beta2 of ANT for better
EJB support, but it appears undocumented.

What we're using now is Visual Cafe and Weblogic. One of our problems is
that it jars up the entire application into a single jar file (which is no
big deal), but then it forwards this jar file to the Wblogic ejbc program,
which then happily builds the stubs for everything in the jar file.

So, even simple changes get dragged through this arduous process.

What we're hoping to do is have an ant target for each bean that builds each
bean, and runs ejbc independently on each one. Throw in some dependancies,
then when we build the final jar, only the beans that have changed will have
ejbc run on them.

Is this what other folks are doing? It seems like a pretty complicated setup
being as you need to jar up each bean to run ejbc on it. I guess if they all
run to the same build directory, it shouldn't be too much of an issue. The
final jar can just jar up that directory.

How do I go about doing the file dependancies? How do I make MyBean.jar
dependant on,, MyBean*.xml, etc.? (This was
never obvious in the Ant docs, at least to me).

How are others organizing their EJB projects?



Will Hartung

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