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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: bugs in
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2001 08:55:40 GMT
Brent Phillips <> wrote:

> After much experimenting with trying to build Ant, it seems broken
> to my Java amateur perspective. Have people had success building
> this thing?

Uhm, yes - almost everybody.

> First, in, the directory "classes" is not properly
> created.

Never had any problems with that (and I didn't have to modify the
script either).

> Next, there seem to be circular dependencies in the Java files.

That shouldn't cause any problems as the src files are part of the
CLASSPATH so BuildException will be compiled even if it is not part of
the list passed to javac - if it is needed that is.

> builds the java in four commands.

It did in the latest released version - current CVS contains a
modified bootstrap script that does a single compile - there have been
some other changes to this script that might rely on changes in
build.xml and others, so I won't recommend trying the new script in an
old source tree.

Like I said, I never had any problems with the bootstrap script. Are
you setting ${JAVAC} yourself? Which JDK are you using? Has JAVA_HOME
been set correctly?

The easiest solution will probably be to combine the four javac lines
into a single one, but I'd prefer to get any problems sorted out.


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