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Subject Antwort: class file size difference between Ant script and JBuilder
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 15:40:42 GMT


JBuilder has its own compiler. When you are compiling from JBuilder IDE,
it will always use this compiler - it will NOT use the compiler of the
JDK (the JDK is just used for running java apps - not for compiling them)

AFAIK you wont be able to use bjc with ANT, so

* you can compile within JBuilder IDE (-> bcj)
* you can compile with ANT and javac - but even when ANT is
  using the JBuilder JDK - it will not use bjc

I dont see a solution for your problem, since

* JBuilder 4 will always recompile classes when they
  are not compiled with bcj and you try to run them in the IDE
* ANT wont work with bjc

I would recommend to get your code running when compiled
with SUN javac using ant.

PS: would you mind to send me some of your code that
  causes problems? I am really surprised to hear that
  bjc and javac will emit bytecode that shows different
  behaviour when it is verified.


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