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From "Michael Fortson" <>
Subject <wlrun> and j2eeunit
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2001 16:18:27 GMT

  Does anyone have any examples of starting weblogic (5.1) from ant using
<wlrun> in order to run unit tests (say, with junit + j2eeunit) against it
during the build?  So far, I have a 'start_weblogic' target (which uses
wlrun), and my 'testj2ee' target depends on that.  However, wlrun starts
weblogic in the foreground, so the start_weblogic dependency is never
actually satisfied unless weblogic exits...

  There are some examples of using ant to test j2ee components provided
along with the j2eeunit package, but it provides separate scripts for bash
and windows to get weblogic running, and the scripts invoke ant only after
weblogic has already been started.  I'm trying to find a way to have ant
start weblogic and run tests against it all from the build.xml file (and
have it work on solaris, linux, hpux, and windows).  Any ideas?


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