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From "Sibon Barman" <>
Subject class file size difference between Ant script and JBuilder
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 15:11:52 GMT
When I compile java files from jbuilder 4 project, the size of some class
files are different from the class files that get generated by my ant script
running through AntRunner. This causes a problem because when I run the
product using classes generated from Ant script, the product would through
exception (Java.langVerifyError) when it tries to verify a method signature.
But when I compile the files using Jbuilder compiler (bcj) from JBuilder 4
IDE,  the classes produced seem to work fine without producing any error
when run. Since I specify the modern compiler for Ant script I am guessing
it  tries to find 1.3 jdk and finds it under Jbuilder4/jdk1.3 ---- since I
don't have any other 1.3 jdk installed on my machine. If so how does
compiling from JBuilder4 IDE produces class files different from those
produced by the jdk1.3 compiler under JBuilder4 through Ant script. Also
mind you, in my JBuilder4 IDE I specified it to use 1.3 compiler. This
problem is driving me insane ---- Ant was supposed to be used mainly for
build purposes but now I can't use it for that purpose anymore. As far as
compilation goes,  both cases (JBuilder 4 IDE and ant script) were both
succesful. Could this be anything to do with Ant's lack of dependecy
checking while compiling?

Sibon Barman
SS8 Networks, Inc.
Suite 500
495 March Road, Kanata, 
Ontario K2K 3G1

*: (613)592-2100 ext:3281

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